About TFF

Future Factory is a space of connection, trust, solidarity, and resistance. Over the course of three days, we will push our boundaries and engage in collective thinking and debate, towards realizing a world with a just, peaceful and sustainable future for all. 

Future Factory will harness creative and feminist ideas, building on positive alternatives that are already a reality in many societies, and envision how we might replicate and expand on these experiences going forward.  

Future Factory recognizes the growing sense of despair, fear, and insecurity at a time of multiple, deepening, and interconnected crises: climate and environmental crisis, global inequality, crisis of democracy, and precarious work conditions. History has shown that peace is a prerequisite for a full and dignified life. We will challenge the politics of walls and division and strengthen collective solidarity and well-being. No one is safe until everyone, everywhere, is safe.    

Future Factory articulates proposals for active peace building, conflict prevention and civilian conflict management opposing the logic that grievances can only be resolved through militarism and war. We will develop and promote concepts that do not serve the interests of the weapons industry but the everyday safety needs of people and planet.  

Future Factory will be a place to counter capitalism, colonialism, discrimination, oppression, patriarchy, white supremacy and racism. We will give new inspiration and power to an intersectional positive approach towards creating a life worth living.   

Future Factory recognizes that European politics are hugely problematic and still deeply rooted in a colonialist logic. We will debate and organize around building a different Europe. 

Future Factory will expose the links between the looming financial meltdown, austerity policies of central banks, the consequences of a flared up global war economy and precarious labor realities. 

Future Factory calls on us to start now! It will energize us in our struggle for democratic and meaningful participation and against structural inequality, in stopping the advance of climate change and preventing future climate disasters. 

Future Factory will bring together activists, academics, various progressive and Left organizations to discuss, plan and design peaceful and collaborative futures where war and exploitation will not only be unthinkable but impossible! Join us in workshops, lectures, plenaries and assemblies!